The Worst Mistakes In Google AdWords Management

The Worst Mistakes In Google AdWords Management

The Worst Mistakes In Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is a great advertising tool within the reach of any user. However, you need specific training and a lot of experience and professionalism to obtain the best results with a minimum investment.

In this article, we want to uncover some typical errors that do not come in online marketing manuals and that are the results of the experience and reflection of professionals.


It is the most common mistake. Put the AdWords ad link on the home page. It is not advisable to insert a link in the text “Offers red shirts at the best price” and click on the link to reach the home of the online store. The user will find all kinds of shirts and pants, in all colors. The ad should link to a page where only red shirts come out. In this way, the user’s attention is captured from the first moment.


It is also not appropriate to accept all the keywords suggested by Google Keyword Planner (do you know how to use it?). There will be many irrelevant and generic keywords that will not be of any use to your company. Example: If you are selling custom original calendars, if you use the keyword “calendar” you may get many clicks that simply want to know what day it is today or when is the official party of your community. That is, it is too generic and a user and you would not have much incidence. On the other hand, if you put the keywords “Custom calendars with the logo for companies”, you will have fewer visits, but they will be of better quality.


Not using negative keywords is a big mistake. In the line of the previous example, if you are selling custom calendars, you should also use the negative words: “official calendar”, “work calendar”, to discard them and not appear on the results page.


Another mistake is forgetting to locate your campaign by geographic location. Our tendency is to reach the maximum number of people, but it matters more when it is viewed by an audience that can become a customer. It’s useless for you to have your ad in AdWords of a mechanical workshop in Bilbao appear in Seville.


Make a single version of the same ad. We do not know why, but sometimes a very similar ad receives more clicks than another. Although the differences between one ad and another are minimal, the results can be very different.

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The last mistake has to do with forgetting about monitoring the campaign. Google AdWords lets us analyze the results of the campaign. In addition, it allows us to make small changes over time for trial and error, thus optimizing our investment.


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