Most searched questions about SEO

Most searched questions about SEO

Most searched questions about SEO

Questions about SEO that has been searched a lot on Google

  1. Is it good for the website SEO to put comments?

It is very good for any page or blog to have comments enabled, at least in the news or blog section. The comments make your site constantly updated and Google will consider it very active.

Maybe you’re worried that the density of keywords on your page will decrease with the new words in the comments. I would not worry too much about that because the search engines have more in mind the first words. You can use some trick to maintain a similar density of words:

Do not repeat the same words that are not your Keywords; for example: Thanks. You will use different words to thank the participation so that Google does not think that your article is about Thank you.

Use your keywords in the comments will add new phrases and terms that may result in some search and visit of search engines.

In addition, comments are essential to be able to connect with the reader and exercise a 2.0 bidirectional communication. You should use your page not only to count, but also to listen and participate. The same advice I give you as a reader: comment and share all the interesting articles you read.

  1. Five things you can do to make your website have a good positioning

It is difficult to choose and summarize only five things so that your page has a good positioning in search engines, but I am going to try it.

Choose your keywords well. The first step is essential, because you could first position for keywords that do not give you any results or profitability. First you must know how many times each term is searched, for example with Google Trends. If you also want to know the volume of each search, use this Google Adwords tool. The second step is to study the conversion of each keyword to know which ones give you the most profitability. We would use Google Analytics.

Use your keywords well. You will use them to create your titles, you will repeat them in your articles, you will put them from time to time in bold …

Get good links to your pages. Search engines understand the links to your site as recommendations, therefore the websites with more and better recommendations will appear in the first results. The best technique to get quality links is to create great and ambitious content. Also the links obtained in social networks have a great importance.

Watch the loading speed of your pages. It is another of the most important factors since Google is determined to offer us the best possible experience on the internet. You can use the Gt Metrix tool and check the “75 Steps to do SEO” to see what things you can improve.

Good configuration of the site and publications: write titles and descriptions of the images; use Google Webmaster Tools to configure your page; edit a title and a different meta description for each page and study the conversion of each one; avoid duplicate contents; adapt your website to all mobile devices; avoid the Google penalties …

  1. Create a website that can be seen on mobile devices

It is important for your positioning that visitors stay the longest on your page. If your website is not seen correctly on mobile phones and tablets, the average stay time and usability will go down a lot.

You can use a Responsive design or adapt your current design to make it so. The Responsive or Adaptable design is nothing more than telling your website how you want it to look for different resolutions. With a few new lines of code in your CSS you can make any website Responsive. If you are looking for someone to help you with this, here you have me. Check how your page looks on mobile.

  1. Where to place the Javascript code to improve the web positioning?

Javascript is one of the most important things on our website. Search engines value that the Javascript is loaded in the final part of the process, so visitors will not have to wait for it to be loaded. The advisable thing would be that the code will load through a JS file and is not written directly in the Html.

To make the call to load that file, it would be best to put it as low as possible of your Html. Depending on the type of functions, sometimes you can be at the end of the BODY and sometimes at the end of the HEAD.

  1. SEO tools to see what people ask about a topic

Sometimes we try to find very complicated tools when the best is almost always Google. In this case with Twitter you can also know thousands of concerns on any subject. If what you want to know is quantity, what do they ask the most and what do they ask the least, then use Google Trends.

  1. Page to automatically detect if there is good SEO

Again Google is going to tell us everything. Enter your keywords in the Google search and see the results. If you go on the first pages, you have good SEO. If you want to evaluate your website in different aspects of SEO and suggest possible improvements, use for example Woorank.

  1. Steps to put a page to a search engine

Your pages will appear in the search engines when another page that already appears on Google links you. If you want to shorten this step, you can directly send your URL to Google.

  1. Who makes the sitemap, the programmer or the SEO?

Anyone, it takes just 1 minute with XML-Sitemaps.

  1. What happens if the posts are deleted?

If you delete a post, then it will also disappear from the results of Google and all the positioning that could have been generated will also disappear. What you can do is create a page with the same URL and content that the post had. If you do not link this page on your website, it will be invisible to your other visitors, but you will still receive visits from Google.


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