Link Building Strategies: Things To Keep In Mind

Link Building Strategies: Things To Keep In Mind

Link Building Strategies: Things To Keep In Mind

In today’s post, I’m going to talk about link building, which consists of working the links that lead to our page. We refer to all the links and it serves to improve, in the first place, the navigation, and experience of our readers.

In addition, it allows Google to track the pages and content since it is much easier for their robots to find these pages.

Types of Link Building

Do you know the types of link building that you can find? Basically, we can discuss of two:

The Intern, which consists of putting links from one page of our website to another, always within the same domain and that will be the one that improves the navigation of the web. A good internal link building strategy allows visitors to provide complementary and related information that may be of interest to readers. In addition, it facilitates the global positioning of the entire web page by distributing its relevance. Normally, the home page is the one that has greater authority, but if we include internal links, we can pass part of this authority to other pages.

The External, which refers to getting links that point to our website and that come from other external pages. This is the type of link building that I am going to focus on today and that may have many advantages for you.

What is the Purpose of the External Link Building?

The quantity and quality of the links are two of the fundamental factors on which Google is based to ensure that a website is well positioned. Therefore, having a good link building strategy can help us achieve the desired results at the SEO level. The external link building allows us to:

– Increase traffic to our website and position ourselves as experts in our market niche or sector, improving our authority at the same time.

– Improve our brand image, because it gives us more visibility. Also, if we create relevant content for our readers (consider all details during the process), we will create a link with them and when they have a problem that we can solve, they will not hesitate to contact us.

Position ourselves better than our competition, because Google understands that a page that receives many external links is a page with quality information. Imagine that you manage to appear on search engines before your competition. This will give you more business opportunities and greater recognition.

How to Make a Better External Link Building?

If you are already convinced to start your strategy and want to see results right away, you can start with simple actions:

Find people who talk about you or your company and ask them for a link, so you will be improving navigation. Do not forget to create quality content for your readers on a regular basis, so you will have recurring visitors to your website that can interact with your content.

Search other blogs or websites that have a theme similar to your page and contact them by letting them know your content if you think it may be interesting for them and can serve to complement some of their articles. It is important that it is of valuable content and useful for readers, so try not to do massive spam. It is better to build strong relationships with other professionals in the sector, so you can reach a larger audience.

Guest blogging is the technique by which you know the fact of publishing articles in other blogs that are not yours. If you have complied with the previous point and have a good relationship with other professionals in your sector, you can ask them to write a blog post about a topic that is also on your website and includes a link to your blog with additional information for the readers. It works.

False Myths of the Link Building: Do Not Fall for them!

Sometimes, some people come to us with false beliefs and lack of knowledge about how to get a good link building strategy that is why we want to give people a heads-up, so that they will no attention will be given to these false beliefs, so add them on your blacklist!

False Myth Number 1: If you link pages with a lower domain authority, it will lower the authority of your page: No. While it is true that it is much better you link pages with a greater domain authority to help you upload, it does not mean that if you do pages with less authority, they will be lessened. Provided those links are natural and not penalized pages, do not forget that having many links will always be positive.

False Myth Number 2: If you get links in a very fast way, Google will penalize you: It’s not true either. Whenever the links are good and there is no spam or other techniques that are not correct or that from one month to the next increase the links obtained more than usual, it will not cause Google to penalize you.

False Myth Number 3: Having more than one link on the same page is useless: Error. Yes, it would be a bit suspicious if you have many links and they all come from the same page, but if it is not the case and you simply have several of the same origins, nothing happens. What’s more, if that page has good domain authority, it will help you position yourself beforehand.

False Myth Number 4: The links to pages that are not related to your activity or niche market are useless: This is also false. Having links from different pages is the most recommended. It is true that if you are from the same sector, Google will consider you as a reference, but in no case, the fact of having links to other pages will harm you. It may even be that your buyer is the same as the one on the other page even if the contents and themes are completely different.

You have already seen the importance of applying link building techniques in our SEO strategy, not only because they help improve our positioning, but because they make us gain readers, improve the navigation of our website and make us grow as a benchmark in the sector. Did you imagine that a link building strategy could achieve all this?


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